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Welcome to stevetaylorrd.com, I'm glad you decided to stop by. Below is a brief description about me and my background. Regardless of whether we work together or not, I'd like to start by wishing you the best of luck on your fitness journey!


I am a Registered Dietitian, physique competitor, and male fitness model based in Los Angeles, California.

I started my fitness journey 10 years ago as the smallest guy on my high school football team who was sick and tired of being pushed around, and determined to do something about it.

Fast forward two years and my obsession for improving the human body had completely taken over. For the last 8 years I have traveled the country learning everything I could about sound principles for how to improve one's body composition. These principles include extensive study and experience in: fat-loss, lean muscle gain, appetite control, strength training programming and periodization, proper cardiovascular exercise prescription, body-weight maintenance, supplementation and more.

Along with my formal education, including a Master's Degree in Dietetics, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, I also have the practical experience, doing everything I possibly could these past 8 years to achieve my own physique related goals. I started modeling underwear in 2012 and began my career as a drug-free physique athlete in 2013, scoring at the top of my division in every competition.

My goal now is to take all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated, and use it to help others improve the quality of their lives, and get the body they've always dreamed of. 





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Personalized Nutrition Plan

It's all about finding the system and the appropriate methods which work best for you and your lifestyle. This can range anywhere from meal plans, to specific macronutrient targets and everything in between. We will take into account your goals (fat-loss, building lean muscle, weight maintenance, etc), style of training, ailments, personal preferences and more to create a system which sets you up for long-term success. All personalized nutrition plans include a one hour phone call or Skype session with me, where we will collaboratively decide on an approach which works best for you, and cover any questions you may have.   


Personalized Training Program

Just like when setting up a nutrition plan, the focus will be on designing a plan which best fits you and your lifestyle, helping you to achieve your goals (weight-loss, increased strength and/or muscle size, improved health-status and cardiovascular fitness, etc) in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner. All personalized training plans include an 8-week routine complete with exercises, sets, reps, rest-periods, cardiovascular protocols, etc, all geared towards your specific goals. All personalized training plans include a one hour phone call or Skype session with me where we will collaboratively design a routine based on your life and time availability, establish appropriate exercises/modalities based on your goals, existing injuries and personal preferences, as well as cover any questions you may have.


Personalized Nutrition & Training System

A personalized integrative plan containing both a nutrition and training protocol designed to synchronously work together to help you reach your goals. Your plan will be designed using the same methodology described above. Includes a one hour phone call or Skype session with me.


Weekly Coaching

For those who are passionate and determined to achieve their goals, and are looking for greater accountability and more frequent contact. This program is for those interested in sustainable weight-loss, physique competitors actively preparing for a competition, and models who are preparing for a photoshoot. Weekly coaching includes a personalized integrative nutrition and training protocol based on your goals, and is designed using the methodologies described above. This service also includes a 30 minute phone call or Skype session with me each week, as well as weekly adjustments (if necessary) to your nutrition/training protocol to ensure you stay on target with your goals or upcoming event.



I believe that individualized care is the key to long-term success, and I want you to feel confident in me and my abilities to help you reach your goals before we work together. Unlike other similar services which make you pay before speaking to the consultant, I provide a free 20-minute phone consultation prior to working together to ensure we are a good match and that you receive exactly what you're looking for if you decide to work with me. If interested in any of the services above, email stevetaylorRD@gmail.com with the service you are interested in and we will schedule your free 15 minute consultation. Because I don't believe people should have to pay for parts of a service they do not need, rates are discussed during your free consultation and are based upon your unique needs. 

Mission Statement


My personal mission is simple: to help others improve the quality of their lives. This can be achieved a number of ways, one of which is by helping you feel happier and healthier. It is my mission to help others get the body, energy and level of health they've always dreamed of, while using evidence-based, safe and sustainable methods to do so.

I want to help you reach your goals as effortlessly as possible by personalizing your nutrition and training plan to fit YOUR lifestyle, and by focusing on the variables that really matter, while ignoring the unnecessary often over-emphasized dogma.

There are thousands of ways to reach your goals, and it is my job to find the path that will work best for YOU. Through proper guidance and ongoing accountability, we will work together to achieve your fitness goals. 

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Email: stevetaylorRD@gmail.com

Phone (Call or text): (816)-651-1941

Location: Los Angeles, CA