The Moment of Clarity


Today’s message is short and simple, but it’s a topic I feel we can all relate to. It’s about what I like to call, “The Moment of Clarity”. And even though you may not have ever heard it called this before, we’ve all experienced it with something at some point or another.

Whenever we’re working on a goal, whether that’s trying to lose weight, get bigger, get stronger, or whatever, it’s so easy to get lost in the day to day grind of trying to achieve it. This is because most of our larger, long-term goals take a long time to achieve. They often require us to follow a process, most of the time a daily process, which can get so repetitive and blurred together, without showing even the slightest hint of progress, that we tend to second guess it, to question whether it's even working or not.

We get frustrated, discouraged, demotivated, and contemplate scrapping it altogether, to start something new and different, again.   


“I’ve been following this program to a “T” for over 2 weeks now, and I’m still not seeing any progress! In fact, I think I’m actually getting worse!”


Sound familiar?


But then…something amazing happens. We get that “Moment of Clarity”, that new low weigh-in on the scale, that new strength PR on our bench press, or that new line of muscular definition we’ve never seen before. It’s at this moment that we realize all of our efforts have not been in vain, and that we really are making progress. We suddenly get renewed with an extreme motivation and energy, embracing our daily grind, ready for the next challenge. It’s on days like this that we are so glad we didn’t give up, that we kept pushing through, even when times were tough and we didn’t see any progress.

The whole point of this article is to remind us of these amazing moments, to not give up on the process, even if we feel like it’s not working. It’s so easy to forget about these happy moments when we’re going through those times where we feel like the plan isn’t working. But, if we’re following a good plan, and trust the information around which the plan was created, or the person who created it, then we just need to give it time to work. To do our best to stick with the program, to not get discouraged, and to continue to put in all of the day to day efforts which ultimately lead to these amazing moments, where we finally see the results.

Although it’s misleading, it’s important to remember that these moments were not created in that moment, but in the hours, days, and weeks that led up to it. That these moments, the smaller pant size, the personal best bench press, the extra stretch on your shirt sleeve from a bigger bicep, were all created through the individual meals, workouts and other little continually focused efforts that led up to it. And to remember that these big moments of “success”, wouldn’t have occurred if we’d given up, and stopped the process during those times where we thought it wasn’t working.

If you’re working on a goal, and have done the research to find a good program which you believe will help you get there, have faith, don’t get discouraged, and continue to put the effort and energy into that plan every single day. We never know when that next Moment of Clarity is about to happen, but when it does, we’ll be so glad that we didn’t give up during the process.



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